Third Reich Berlin

It did not take much time for Berlin to leave behind the scars of World War I. Soon it found itself on the march to progress and prosperity under the Weimar Republic. It was evolving as a place for freedom of thought and expression of arts and culture. This was the scenario in the 1920s.

Onset of the new decade started to witness a different Berlin. It was coming under the grip of the Nazi terror which was going to impact not just the city but the whole of Germany, Europe and infact the entire world. With Hitler coming to power in Germany in 1933 the Third Reich was on it’s rise. The war clouds which were gathering over Europe resulted into the Blitzkrieg over Poland in 1939. The World War II had begun. The 1936 Olympics were organized during this period in Berlin. The Nazis were on a power crescendo bringing most of Europe under the fold of the Third Reich. It was here in Berlin that Hitler was seeing his dream of bringing entire Europe under his grip coming true. The initial success enjoyed by the Nazis started suffering reverses. The tide of the war was taking a different turn. With death of Hitler in 1945 the Third Reich came to a fall. By this time not only the euphoria which was generated in the Golden Twenties was lost but the horrors of war which came to light were far greater than the damage and destruction which occurred during the war. This was a period which witnessed most heinous and the inhuman crimes in the form of atrocities on a section of the city’s population i.e the Jews.  The Nazi terror trail had changed the city once and for all.

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