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Athenic Brunnen Times

September, 2017



A Walk Through the Unter den Linden


Unter den Linden, once a walkway of the royals is now one of the most frequented lanes for the tourists and the locals alike. A walk through the Unter den Linden will introduce you to various historic attractions of Berlin ranging from the Brandenburg Gate to the Berliner Dome. As you stroll along the boulevard you will find yourself face to face with the famous Humboldt-Universität, where many of the legendry personalities have  studied and taught like Karl Marx, Otto von Bismarck, Albert Einstein and Angela Davis. Nearby you will find the statue of Frederick the Great, the most famous German Emperor. On the other side, on Bebelplatz, Frederick’s cultural forum with the royal library, the opera and St. Hedwig’s cathedral, there is a small monument in the pavement. It is recording the burning of the books conducted here by the Nazis in 1933. 





500 Years Since the Age of Reformation


500 Years Since the Age of Reformation

One nail on the wall, a giant leap for the society. It was in 1517 when Martin Luther is believed to have nailed his '95 Theses' to the door  of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. An event that changed the course of the European history leading to the age of reformation. To mark the half a millenium march from this event exhibitions, festivals and concerts are being organized throughout Germany celebrating the memory of the religious reformer.



East Side Gallery



One of the most visited sights in Berlin is the East side gallery, the longest remaining piece of the Berlin wall, running along the river Spree for about a mile. Since 1990 it has become an international memorial for freedom, thanks to the paintings of more than a hundred artists from all over the world. The themes given were freedom, peace and utopia, besides a general record of the Berlin wall. Most famous is the painting of the communist leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker, united in the “brother kiss”, with the title “My god, help me to survive this deadly love.” It had been inspired by a newspaper photo of 1979, which was less explicit, though. This and other paintings have been restored, being damaged by weather and vandalism. These days it might be the biggest outdoor-gallery world-wide. This is a living symbol of the Cold War period still making alive memories of the period.





Public Transport in Berlin



Berlin boasts of a very efficient public transport system. There is a good network of the interurban trains (S-Bahn), the underground (U-Bahn), buses and trams from one corner of the city to the other. For the urban areas you need tariff zone AB, but if you want to go till Potsdam, you need ABC.

Regarding tickets, there is the welcome card, which offers up to 50 % discount on a great many major sights. For 48 hours it is 19,90 Euro, 72 hours 27,90, 72 hours + Museum Island 44,00 and accordingly for more days. Otherwise there is the day ticket for 7 Euro, with as many rides as you like, on any public means of transport, valid until 3 a.m. of the following day.



Segway Tours, An Adventurous Way to Cruise Through Berlin


Segway Tours, An Adventurous Way to Cruise Through BerlinSegway tours are popular among the visitors who prefer to cover the city with a thrill. It's a faster way of cruising through the city,  be it the historical sites or other scenic places. This can be an educational as well entertaining experience. There are various Segway tour operators providing guided training and accessories for the inclement weather.