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Imperial Potsdam


Potsdam adds an imperial charm to the historic attractions in and around Berlin. Prior to the end of WWI it was the residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser. The Sancouci palace, which was the summer palace of Fredrick the great, stands majestically on a lushgreen landscape. 

Adding to the imperial charm is the Cecilienhof Palace. It was here where the historic Potsdam conference involving the four allied powers, ie the US, UK, France and Russia,was held post WWII.

The site for the once famous but now obliterated Garrison Church only intensifies the historical significance of Potsdam. The Garrison Church was the parish church of the Prussian royal family. This was the burial place for the kings of Prussia including Fredrick the Great. This was also the place where Adolf Hitler took oath as Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

The interconnected network of lakes makes potsdam a picture perfect tourist attraction. 

Babelsberg is an affluent neighbourhood south-east of Potsdam. Prior to WWII it had a major film production studio. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall it has come up as a major centre for film production in Germany.