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Fascinating Countryside


Someone has rightly said, "if you wish to have a dialogue with the nature move to the countrside". Just 40 or 50 km away from the Berlin city centre you will have a rendezvous with nature in its pristine form.

There is a chinese saying, "if you are able to witness the change in seasons, this is the best season of your life". Right on the outskirts of Berlin you will have such a feeling and find yourself in the midst of the aroma and fragrance of the countryside. There is a good network of regional trains which will transport you to the charming outskirts of Berlin in less than an hour.


Excursion in the Fascinating German Countryside:

If you like to travel to off-beat places then give yourself a try camping in a German village. Plan a trip alongwith your family and friends in the midst of German countryside and have a feel and pulse of the life in small German villages. Athenic Brunnen offers excursion trips near outskirts of Berlin where the visitors will be given the opportunity to make their own plans visiting the German countryside. You will be having best of both the worlds. For guided walks to historic Berlin attractions including  the Berlin Wall and other places to visit in Berlin you will be able to visit the Berlin city centre and for rest of the time you will have the freedom to make your own trips to the fascinating countryside in any direction or manner you like. The public transport in Germany is one of the best in Europe. You may even chose to ride a bike from one village to the other or even through the forests. Our Event Managers will guide you to make your own itineraries as per your likes. 


Kindly watch out for programmes/activities in the fascinating countryside near Berlin in our Upcoming Events.