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Down to Dresden

Dresden is the capital of the state of Saxony in Germany. The river Elbe flowing through the city provides it a picturesque panoramic view. It has been the capital and royal residence of the Kings and Electors of Saxony for centuries. The much debated Allied aerial bombings towrds the end of WWII are said to have resulted into approximately 25,000 civilian casualties and large scale damage to the entire city centre.

Tourist attractions in Dresden:


* Dresden Frauenkirche


* Zwinger


* Semperoper


* Pollinitz Castle


* Dresden Castle


* Asisi Panometer Dresden


* Moritzburg Castle


* Church of the Holy Cross


Dresden is about 195 km from Berlin and is well connected by bus and train services from Berlin.  Also, the Czech Republic border is near Dresden.

Note: Currently we have no events planned in Dresden but our Learning Modules feature a Brief Orientation on Travel Berlin and Nearby Areas.  You will be provided enough of guidance to plan your own trip to Dresden.