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Berlin History Timeline



1244 - First documentary mention of Berlin.


1640 - Friedrich Wilhelm rules Brandenburg-Prussia. Rules until his death in1688.


1688 - Frederick I becomes Elector of Brandenburg ( as Frederick III) and Duke of Prussia.


1701 - Frederick III becomes first king of Prussia.  Rules until his death in   1713.


1713 - Friedrich Wilhelm I, known as the 'Soldier King, becomes the King in Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg. Rules until his death in 1740.


1740 - Friedrich II, King of Prussia,  called 'Friedrich the Great' reigns till his death in 1786.


1786 - Friedrich Wilhelm II, King of Prussia,  reigns till his death in 1797.


1797 - Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussia,  reigns till his death in 1840.


1806 - Napoleon marches through the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin under French occupation till 1808.


1840 - Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of Prussia,  reigns till his death in 1848. His brother, Wilhelm I, serves as the regent. 


1871 - Wilhelm I, prince regent since 1858 and King since1861, becomes German Emperor. 


1888 - The year is called year of the three Emperors as Friedrich III succeeds Wilhelm I and reigns as the German Emperor 09 March to 25 June 1888. He is succeeded by Wilhelm II who reigns till 1918. 


1914 - First World War begins. 


1918 - First World War comes to an end. Germany under Weimar Republic which lasts till 1933.


1933 - Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. 


1936- Berlin Olympics


1939 - World War II begins with German Blitzkrieg on Poland. 


1945 - World War II comes to an end. Berlin devided into four sectors among the four occupying powers.  


1948 - Berlin Blockade begins on 24 June and lasts till 12 May 1949.


1961 - Construction of the Berlin Wall on 13 August.


1989 - The Berlin Wall falls on 09 November.