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Athenic Brunnen

Athenic Brunnen, meaning Athenic Fountain, derives it’s name from Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Based on the outskirts of the historic city of Berlin, we endeavor to provide a platform for learning of key events in the Modern World History along with issues of contemporary importance.

Theme Based Travels

We provide theme based travels in and around Berlin, the German capital. Currently we are offering learning modules on History and the German Language along with excursions in the countryside around Berlin. We will soon be coming out with travel modules to other parts of Europe.

DIY Approach

We help you make your own DIY (Do It Yourself) itineraries. All our learning or travel modules have a ‘Brief Orientation on Travel Berlin and Nearby Areas’ with the view to help you travel like a local.

Beat the Routine

With our learning or travel modules you travel to off-beat places normally not made accessible to travelers on typical tour itineraries. We actually make you tend to live at the new places rather than just be a mere traveler.

Modules on History

Learn with the Experts

German Language

Learn with the natives

Counryside Excursions

Travel in any manner or direction you like


Travel like a local


Trace the Berlin Wall on bike, ride through the forests or go camping in the woods.

Explore Eastern Europe

We help you make your own DIY (Do It Yourself) itineraries to nearby Poland, Czech Republic and other eastern parts of Europe.

Coming from aviation background travelling across different parts of the world was like an added perk for me. I realized travelling can be a fulfilling experience once you understand history and culture of the place. On one hand there was craving for learning all about the new places but on the other hand finding the right quarters meeting that need was difficult.

Athenic Brunnen is one such attempt aiming to provide the travelers right information in the right manner in the limited travel time which is a scarcity for all travelers.


Rajendra AttriManaging Director

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