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History of German Empire



First Day:




The module will provide brief references to the early and medieval history of Germany and move on to the modern history of Germany with the main emphasis on history of the German empire.


With unification of Germany and defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, a new era ushers in the German history i.e. the era of the German empire. 


The German Empire, also referred to as the Second Reich, dominated central Europe, from 1871 to 1918. The module will highlight the developments which culminated in unification of Germany towards the later half of the 19th century and ultimately resulting into the formation of the German empire. With William Is proclamation as the Emperor and Otto von Bismarck as the first imperial Chancellor the German empire occupied a central place in the balance of power in Europe. With Bismarck's 'Blood and Iron policy' the German empire was embarking on ambitious plans for militarism. Being on the bandwagon of power Germany soon joined the European scramble for Africa. The module will cover Germany's march to the early 20th century and the developments which led to the World War I. After the WW I the German empire was dissolved in 1918 resulting into formation of the Republic also called the Weimar Republic.


The module will provide a concluding reference to the division of Germany following the World War II, the Cold War period and the Unification of Germany in 1990. 


Second Day:



Guided Historic Walks to historic buildings and monuments in Berlin.


"Seeing is believing", that's what the Guided Historic Walks convey to the participants once they see the grandeur and magnificence of the historic buildings and the monuments in Berlin or even their damage and destruction has a story to tell. 

What you learnt inside the Conference Room you will see  physical manifestation of  many of the narratives spoken the previous day. Be it the key events or personalities, the architecture,  the art and culture of the bygone era it all comes alive with the apt commentary related to the subject by our specialised and experienced History Guides. 

The historic places, monuments and buildings along with the historic museums in Berlin have a story to tell from the past belonging to different eras in the Berlin history be it the Prussian era, the World War I era, the Weimar era, the Third Reich Berlin, World War II Berlin or the Cold War Berlin or even the modern Berlin.

While the Historic Walks will adhere to the narratives pertaining to the title of the module you have enrolled for and shall cover the historic buildings and monuments relevant to the module, our experienced guides will provide relevant information about any key historic structures which stand along the historic walks. The idea is to maximise your historic Berlin experience without compromising on the historic story line of the module.

With our Guided Historic Walks you get set for a gripping account of History. 


Note: Accommodation will be provided to the participants during the event.


Event Charges: 300 €
Event Charges: 300 €
Tax (19%): 57

Total Charges: 324 €