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About Us

   History OF Germany                                                                                                                              

Athenic Brunnen, meaning Athenic Fountain, derives it's name from Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Based on the outskirts of the historic city of Berlin, it endeavours to provide a platform for learning of key events in the Modern World History along with issues of contemporary importance. It shall also be the platform for development of arts and culture. 

If Athens is considered as a cradle of the Ancient World History, Berlin shall hold that status in the Modern World History. A walk through the lanes of Berlin is strewn with interesting and curious pieces of history which have not only affected the history of Berlin and Germany but also the entire world. From once being a prospering and flourishing centre of arts and culture, from being the epicentre of power and dominance, being reduced to a rubble and again engaging in reconstruction, recovery and growth, Berlin has seen it all. 

At Athenic Brunnen the participants will find an ideal platform for learning and reliving some key chapters of the Modern World History by way of dissemination of theoretical subject matter, group discussions, and walks and visits to important monuments and museums which are a living testament to some of the key historical developments. At Athenic Brunnen the participants will find themselves soaked in history, arts and culture. 

We are offering Modules on History. Our modules on history encompass History of the German Empire and the Modern European History with emphasis on World War I, World War II and the Cold War History. Berlin being the epicentre of many of the modern world history developments becomes a natural choice as a location for such a study as it offers vast vistas for any such study on account of it's own history being of great relevance to the modern world history. 

With Lectures/Presentations on various themes serving as the necessary theoretical knowledge base followed by Guided History Walks to buildings, monuments and places of historical significance along with museum visits our History Modules are designed in such a way that the participants carry an important piece of history with them at the end of the module.

We conduct Learning Modules on 'Basic German Language' as well.

All our Learning Modules are designed to have a Brief Orientation on Travel Berlin and Nearby Areas with the view to prepare you plan your own journeys and make best use of your time. In short, apart from the History and German Language content our Learning Modules endeavour to help you travel like a local and not like a typical tourist.

Our Learning Modules are in English language.

We also offer Basic German Language modules in the picturesque Alps region of Switzerland.

Kindly stay tuned to our 'Upcoming Events' for all forthcoming modules.

If you are planning to have excursion trips in groups to the German countryside around Berlin and the Swiss Alps please write to us at:


Welcome on-board Athenic Brunnen

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