11 Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the amazing places to visit in Germany. Berlin is the capital city of the nation and also one of the 16 states (Länder) of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the largest city in the nation and has a population of 4.5 million within its metropolitan city. The city is renowned for its historical associations, lively nightlife, bars, cafes, clubs, museums, palaces, street art, historic interest, internationalism, etc. The city has a quite varied architecture. In order to enjoy the vacation and holidays in Berlin, you will have a number of places to visit and enjoy to the fullest. Here are some of the best things to do in Berlin such as follows: 

  1. Take a stroll in the Grunewald forest – Grunewald forest in Berlin is one of the largest forested area located at the south-west of Charlottenburg and one can easily visit here by S-Bahn. Here people can enjoy the tranquil beauty. Just pack the picnic pack and come down here to enjoy the entire day. Take pleasure of bicycle, horseback and if weather allows, take a dip into the freshwater lakes of Schlachtensee or Wannsee. After enjoying these things, people can also visit man-made hill rising above the woodland known as Teufelsberg. It was constructed after the World War II from the city’s rubble. 
  2. Spend a day on Museum Island – Unter den Linden is Museum Island and it is a UNESCO world heritage site which is located on the middle of the spree. It is one of the most important attractions of Berlin. One must visit Neues Museum, home to the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti and also visit the spectacular Pergamon museum, one of the world’s major archaeological museums. The museum will stun with its amazing archaeological existing things. 
  3. Shop at Mauer Park – It is one of the beautiful pars which is embraced with the green spaces and the long strip of grass along the middle of Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauerpark. It is one of the best places for shopping lovers as the park host a massive flea market on Sundays. Here people can bargain with the vendors for bicycles, clothes, food, souvenirs, records, pianos and furniture. So, try here once and have a happy shopping experience. 
  4. Iconic vantage point – The iconic vantage point will definitely stun the visitor as it is one of the largest World War II, Berlin’s architecture and it has a fascinating range, from the historical to high modernism and postmodern projects. The roof of the vantage point is made up of glass and it allows the vacationers to enjoy the panoramic view of the city right from the center of government. The roof is free, but one needs to register in advance. This iconic tower of the city is Europe’s fourth tallest free-standing structure which has stainless steel sphere. The tower has a revolving restaurant and some viewing gallery that enables the tourist to enjoy the beauty of the city from a certain height. 
  5. DDR Museum – DDR Museum is one of the unique museums as it enables the travelers to look into the old days of Berlin. One can enjoy a unique tour on the classic car which was produced by East Germany. 
  6. Walk the Berlin Wall – The wall was mostly demolished in between June and November 1990. There is a famous Checkpoint Charlie, it is an east-west border that controls during Cold War. The wall tells the story about the earlier time as there is some visual history is displayed. Graffiti has been removed from the northern section of the Wall, but after one-mile stretch, there is an Eastside gallery which is dedicated to preserving the paintings made on the eastern side. 
  7. See the Sights by Bike – When you are in Berlin don’t miss the chance of exploring the city on two wheels bike. The quickie tour is one of the must-do sights. By exploring the city on two wheels, people can witness the cycling culture and complete the cycle lanes which will help the visitor to complete the micro-tour of the city. Right from the Reichstag and its adjacent complex of nineties Parliamentary buildings to the Topography of Terror – an outdoor museum can be covered in this cycle tour. 
  8. Dance until Sunrise- When it comes to a party, Berlin stands first as here tourists can enjoy the music and dance continuously for 48 hours which is more than any other city or state. Here people can enjoy dancing by stretching weekends into weekdays. House parties in Berlin is also quite stretching, so enjoy the parties till you get tired of it. 
  9. Berlin Art Scene – The Art of Berlin is also stunning and people can witness the world-class galleries. The European painting located here contains English, Spanish and Italian Renaissance works, among which the highlights are paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters. 
  10. Olympic Stadium – The architecture of the Olympic Stadium will let you know the exemplifies fascist taste in architecture. 
  11. Take Away Joints – Apart from exploring the diverse attractions of the city, don’t forget to visit the takeaway joints and try the Currywurst. Currywurst is one of the most famous street food which is a combination of pork sausage, cut into slices, smothered with a mixture of ketchup and curry powder and then served with a bread roll or fries.

So, get set go for enjoying the Berlin tour which enables the tourists to not only take pleasure of the modernism but also enjoy the historical background of the city along with the natural beauty,  yummy food, bike ride, flea marketing, all night parties and so on. The Berlin tour will surely compel the vacationers to visit the city again and again. So, get your tickets booked for your upcoming holidays and get ready to pack the bag for a memorable tour of Germany’s Capital City Berlin. 

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