Terms and Conditions

As used on our website and in these Terms and Conditions, “we” and “us” mean Athenic Brunnen GmbH.

Events published on our website mean the Learning Modules with the objective to provide the participants knowledge and information pertaining to the theme/subject of the Event.

Booking details for each Event are different and may or may not involve the Lectures, Presentations,  Group-discussions,  Guided History Walks to buildings and monuments of historical importance or Museum Visits. Participants are advised to check the booking details at the time of booking for an Event.

While main objective of the Events is to provide the participants knowledge and information pertaining to the theme/subject of the Event, our Events may or may not involve providing accommodation to the participants.

Accommodation to the participants, wherever provided during the Events, is only an additional service offered to the participants with the view to facilitate them during the Events.

Any matter related to hotel services must be taken up directly with the hotel concerned, in cases when accommodation is provided during the Event.

Wherever, accommodation is provided during an Event, the Event-in date is kept a day in advance to the main event and the Event-out date is kept a day beyond the main event so as to make it convenient for the participants.

If providing accommodation is not listed in the booking conditions for an Event, we are under no obligation to provide the participants with accommodation during such Event.

Booking Conditions for each Event are included in the Booking Details for that Event. Participants must read the Booking Conditions carefully at the time of booking for an Event.

All bookings made through this site are confirmed, subject to any conditions highlighted during the booking process.  At the completion of the booking process the Booking Receipt, with the Booking Reference Number and the Booking Conditions will be mailed to the participants after each booking.

You must be above the age of 18 years for making bookings for the Events. Participants from 15 to 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parent/s or guardian/s of legal age.

Cancellation Policy for making cancellations to the bookings made is given in the Booking Conditions. Partcipants are advised to read the Cancellation Policy carefully at the time of making bookings for the Events.

While finalizing Itinerary and the Booking Conditions for an Event all efforts are made to describe the proposed service/itinerary as accurately as possible at the time of the bookings for the Event, however, there may be circumstances beyond our control like traffic, weather, fairs/festivals/sports events/music events, political/religious gatherings, strikes, change of management/closure of hotels, over booking of hotels, closure or restricted entry at a Historical site/monument/museum etc resulting into changes in the service/itineraries. In such cases we reserve the absolute right to make changes or modify the Itinerary/Services for the Events. If any such constraints are known sufficiently in advance we would notify you by e-mail or phone, otherwise our Event Managers or Representatives would inform you of the changes on the spot.

There may be circumstances beyond our control leading to cancellation of an Event without prior notice. In case of any such eventually full refund of the booking amount for the Event shall be provided. Under any circumstances the refund amount shall be limited upto the booking amount.

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